Project Management

Preparation, maintaining and coordination of the project raporting sistems regarding cost control and execution graphic.

Monitoring, administration and control of the project to make sure that on the building site and in the raporting proces to the client the best building techniques are used.

Coordinating strategic management of the project and all of its participants.

Controling all of the management team members and supervizing entrepreneurs and sub-entrepreneurs and also any other service for the project, managing building contracts, monitoring and rushing the flow and work execution , organizing weekly meetings regarding work flow with the entrepreneur, designer and construction site managers and drafting reports of all of these meetings.

Management of activities and raporting process of the construction site managers

Making monthly work reports for the client which will include problems regarding execution graphic, costs, quality and correction methods.

Building Site Management and Quality Control

Monitoring and supervizing of the construction executed by the entrepreneur and sub-entrepreneurs, including approval of materials which are going to be used.

Following and confirming that the construction is executed according to the drafts/plans and specifications and all the quality tests are done.

Assuring that corect quality levels are respected and the construction is executed in time and correctly

Monitoring the progres of all the project execution works according to Services Contract and drawing up reports to the client regarding any deviation from the execution graphic of the services contract, including details rerading deviation and recomandations towards the corect integration of diverse experts in the execution proces of the project.

Monitoring and mantaining the budget framework of the services contract in the netire period in which the project is being executed.Revising the budget in the case of a deviation and reporting to the client, including the analisis of the deviation source and recomandations for solutions which need to be adopted.Reporting to the client of any significant deviation from the initial budget with details regarding the source and the causes and adjusting the planning accordingly.

Monitoring the quality and execution, progress compared to the execution graphic established by the client and the costs and budget framework.

Coordinating all expert teams engaged in the execution process of the project.

Asisting the client in the final delivery process of the buildings.